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Xenguard Server software

map view

The Xenguard Server mapping feature gives you a spatial overview of the resources on your network. Unlike conventional mapping products oriented towards point-to-point navigation, the Xenguard Server maps provide a real-time view of objects in the environment printers, sensors, cameras, vehicles, access points, smart phones and tablets. Data captured by the Xenguard Agent products is analyzed by the Xenguard Server and presented to the user in the form of a map.

busy downtown Toronto intersection at rush hour

Scroll around the map with the mouse. Use the zoom buttons at the top left to zoom in or out. Data objects are organized in layers, based on the object's characteristics. Use the pop-out layer selection tool at the top left of the map to select which types of objects you wish to see.

vehicle traffic flow

For demonstration, have marked certain types of vehicle as targets of interest in this case a specific fleet of Toronto public service vehicles. Amazingly, a handful of Xenguard sensors is able to track vehicle traffic flows with a high degree of accuracy and reliability compared to conventional monitoring techniques. A conventional sensor can tell you how many vehicles pass through a checkpoint, but not where those vehicles have come from, how frequently they visit and so on.

The system can differentiate different types and models of vehicles. The system can track public transit, public service, consumer vehicles, drones, cameras, digital signage, phones, smart watches, printers, tablets and so on.

By clicking on an object, a pop-up appears with an overview about that object its type and class, when it was first and last seen, who made the device and what state it is in. Select the details field to access the complete details of the object for example its model and serial numbers, its travel routes, which networks it has been connecting to, etc.

You can see what routes are popular at different times of day, where traffic jams have occurred, which retailers the vehicles visit along the way, where emergency events occur and so on. Retailers may seek intelligence about where customers are coming from or going to, at specific times or via specific routes.

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