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Xenguard monitoring is unlike any other monitoring system you've seen before. You're going to be amazed at the amount of information our advanced software can pull out of thin air! No apps or specialized hardware required. If you've got a web browser, you've got everything you need to get started.

So, who's going shopping on Bloor Street Saturday morning? How many shops does the average person visit, and how long do they spend there? Who is a commuter that travels daily on the street, and who is a visitor from another country who's doing some shopping while visiting Toronto for the Pan Am Games? Which clothing stores are "trending" this week? Do the people who live in the area prefer Tim Hortons, or Starbucks?

If you're a retailer, these basic metrics are essential to the success of your business. Brick-and-mortar businesses need every advantage they can get, to remain competitive.

So if you're a small business, how can you possibly collect this kind of data? How can you compete with companies like Amazon or Google, who know everything thee is to know about online consumers and their behaviors? What can you possibly do to compete with the Big Data giants?

You can hire a market research company, spend millions and wait months to get a tiny sample of the data. If you're lucky, some of the data might be meaningful by the time you get your hands on it.

If you're an Apple fan, you can go the Apple route and spend a lot of money on apps and beacons that only work with iPhones. You might glean some useful information from this infrastructure -- assuming the expensive technology works, and assuming that covering only the 30% of people carrying an Apple device is good enough for you. And you can hope that the whole thing isn't obsolete in a year or two.

If you're a little more serious, you can buy a bunch of expensive Cisco Meraki routers, provide free wifi service (with all of the costs and risk this entails) and collect some business intelligence about the number of people visiting your business (that information which Cisco makes available to you, for hefty fees of course). If you cooperate with other businesses in the area, you can start to collect meaningful data that improves your bottom line, and maybe even offer integrated marketing campaigns that improve sales. And hey, that's pretty cool.

real-time mapping of Bloor Street shoppers

With Xenguard technology, one single sensor can provide accurate intelligence across a wide area. You'll be astonished at the amount of valuable data you can collect.

One of our users simply travels through the area carrying a Xenguard sensor. A single sensor can pull in data from up to a kilometer away. With a handful of sensors in the area, you get a continuous data stream that effectively lets you see everything. Not just which customers come through your door, but everyone in the area. For greater detail, attach RFID tags to products on the shelves; this allows you to track exactly what people buy, and what factors most influence the sale.

Automatically determine which competitors are drawing the most customers away from you. Determine which ad campaigns are most effective for the type of customers you have. Calculate the ideal location for expansion sites, and monitor how anomalies (like weather, traffic patterns, or special events) affect sales.

We have the best location analytics technology in the world, and we're delighted to prove it.

Xenguard monitoring

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That's right! You can get access to the incredible data you've heard about -- for free! Open a free account and see what Xenguard can do for you! Track your wife, kids, your boss -- whatever interests you. You provide the (optional) hardware. Install our free Xenguard agent software. We provide the cloud-based Xenguard Server infrastructure. Access your network information anywhere, in real time, from any device.

Our Standard plan gives you advanced metrics and the ability to define custom alert conditions. You can manage your entire network, from any device. If something ever goes wrong, you've got Xenguard engineers on-call to back you up. The Xenguard monitoring service gives you an easy-to-use and cost-effective way to monitor your network. There is only a single subscription fee for each of your nodes, with no other costs.

For enterprise customers, we provide a full turn-key advanced monitoring solution, where you are in full control of the entire Xenguard Server infrastructure. An Enterprise plan gives you your very own Xenguard Server. Your data lives on your network, and nowhere else -- even Xenguard can't access it. Control your own unlimited fleet of sensor nodes with perfect privacy and security.

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