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Xenguard maintenance services

At Xenguard, we service what we sell.

We also fix, hack, or reverse-engineer just about anything. Want to run new software on an old hardware platform? We can help with that.

Our engineers have decades of experience designing, customizing and maintaining most any type of electronic equipment.

We've built everything from phones and tablets to kiosks, robotics, routers and IoT sensors. In fact, we've built systems for some of the largest vendors on the planet -- chances are Xenguard has been involved in engineering at least one device that you own.

But because we're the little guys, we have the agility to bring products to market faster and cheaper than the competition.

Our Xenguard firmware is compatible with the vast majority of computing devices on the market, from x86 servers to embedded appliances like routers and access points. If your vendor has abandoned your legacy device, we can help you restore functionality.

Because we don't rely on Google for our operating systems, our hardware or our data, we will never say "no" to a feature request.

We have the diagnostic and manufacturing capabilities you need, with the supply-chain contacts to deliver products under any conditions.

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