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Xenguard XG-SPI-TOOL® device

The XG-SPI-TOOL is a more capable version of the XG-SPI-TAG. Recent advances in SoC component technology give us the RAM and CPU power needed for the most advanced applications previously possible only on large, expensive platforms -- while remaining compact and power-efficient.

The unit features two radios and all-day battery life in a pocket-sized package. It has no user interface whatsoever; it'd designed to pair with a mobile phone to provide it's uplink and control infrastructure. This makes the XG-SPI-TOOL a cost-effective way to deploy network monitoring or other mobile wireless applications without a lot of expensive gear.

This unit does not yet feature a GPS -- thus it is ideal for indoor or underground environments. It has a discreet form-factor and fits easily in a pocket with minimal heat dissipation.

With a SPI-TOOL in your pocket, you'll be on top of your wireless security situation in no time with minimal investment.

  • form factor : compact hand-held
  • architecture : Broadcom System-on-Chip
  • battery : 2,000 mA/H
  • application : personal mobility, network diagnostics and surveillance
  • user interface : via paired smart-phone
  • storage : 128 Gb
  • charging method : 1-amp USB cable
  • run-time : minimum 8 hours at full load
  • radios : 2 2-Ghz
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