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Xenguard SPIbox®

portable meshing access point

The XG-SPI-BOX features four wifi high-gain radios and a huge 10-amp power supply. Its the perfect solution for mobile access points and industrial applications, offering simultaneous coverage of the entire 2.4-ghz spectrum plus a high-performance uplink. With 10,000 mA/h of power, youve got at least a full day of run-time no matter what your application -- and plenty of radios for meshing, access points or firewall scenarios. The plastic enclosure is dust and water-resistant, and can be placed in an optional locking ruggedized ABS case for use in most any environment. The unit is charged via an included 5-amp AC or automotive transformer.
  • form factor : cigar box
  • architecture : Broadcom 2xxx series System-on-Chip
  • battery : 10,000 mA/H
  • application : meshing, industrial, special events
  • user interface : direct wifi application to any smart phone, laptop or tablet
  • storage : 64 Gb
  • charging method : 5-amp transformer
  • run-time : minimum 24 hours at full load
  • radios : 4 x 2-Ghz
  • With an available Pelican® case, you can get several days of runtime in a watertight, ruggedized package suitable for harsh environments.
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