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Xenguard XG-SPI-0 SPItag® & SPItool® series

mobile network security sensors

The Xenguard XG-SPI-1 SPIPhone® mobile sensors are robust mobile processors suitable for field data collection applications. These nodes can be customized for your specific requirements - contact us for details. They are ideal for use in vehicles, as stationary CPE access points (public portals or private wireless networks) or for specialized data-harvesting applications.

It doesn't look like much -- and that's the idea. It's minimal design fits perfectly in a pocket or purse and has no buttons or display of any kind.

Out of the box, all you need to do is charge it via the included USB cable. Manage all your devices via the Xenguard management application -- any way you want.

  • form factor : hand held
  • architecture : Atheros 9000 series System-on-Chip
  • battery : 3,000 mA/H
  • application : personal mobility, network diagnostics
  • user interface : none
  • storage : 64 Gb
  • charging method : 1-amp USB cable
  • run-time : minimum 8 hours at full load
  • radios : 1 2-Ghz

XG-SPI-0-T hand-held

The XG-SPI-0-T variant is housed in an attractive, comfortable hand-held enclosure. It feels great in the hand and fits in a purse or jacket pocket. This model is perfect for network security engineers on the go. Plug in your favorite earphones and get real-time, hands-free audio alerts when events of interest occur for example, if a visitor is a returning customer or someone your company might want to keep an eye on. With one of these units in your pocket you'll be fully aware of your network environment.

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