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Xenguard XG-SPI-1 SPIphone® & SPIpod® devices

XG-SPI-1-P secure smart phone

When you pick up the device, the first thing you'll notice is it's heft. That's due to the massive 8,000 mAh power pack -- which is about five times the capacity of an Apple iPhone. That's because this device contains many more components than an ordinary phone -- about triple the silicon.

Since this version is so new and advanced, we've provided three micro-USB ports to facilitate rapid diagnostics and limitless expansion options. Dual SIM slots. Dual SD card slots allow rapid firmware upgrades and storage expansion -- up to a whopping total of 384 gigabytes of storage! You can trust that this device is the product of some of the most advanced design and manufacturing processes and facilities available anywhere in the world.

Once you turn it on, you will not be disappointed. This monster makes an iPhone look like a Speak-and-Spell. 12 (yes, 12) total CPU/SoC cores might just make this the fastest phone in the world right now in terms of raw processing power. The display is huge, rich and vibrant. 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB of on-board storage. Even a 13-MP camera and stereo speakers! In terms of specs, forget about it -- this thing is loaded. It's even got a real headphone jack.

What really makes this phone different than any other is what you can NOT see -- the dedicated Xenguard processor chip inside this device enables this hand-held unit to function just like our full-sized XG-SPI series sensors. You get all of the incredible surveillance and diagnostic capabilities of our "little black boxes" -- in a PHONE!

Because this unit runs Xenguard firmware and contains advanced SoC technology not normally found in mobile phones, it's incredibly secure. Apple and Google have absolutely zero control or involvement over our firmware code. That means this phone does EXACTLY what we tell it to, and nothing more. If you're the kind of user for whom security risks are not an option, this is the device for you.

Need a mobile device that lets you be REALLY secure -- even against advanced threats? Don't want your location, messages, photos and other data shared with unauthorized parties? Want to be invisible to all known wireless surveillance technologies? Don't want your company exposed to security threats due to insecure mobile devices? Are your confidential communications too important to trust to devices that don't take security seriously? That's exactly why we built this device.

When you launch the Xenguard app, you'll see it's identical to our web interface. Now you can command, monitor and control your entire network, right from one hand-held device. You don't need to share your sensitive data with Google or Apple anymore. In fact, this phone can operate as a full-featured sensor while being completely invisible to all known tracking technologies. That means you can "see" the environment around you, but they can't see YOU.

This phone is ideal for use by public safety and security professionals in airports, transportation hubs, conference centers, border crossings, shopping malls and other data-rich environments.

Never before has so much surveillance power been packed into a single mobile device. If you're informed enough to understand the state of the art in secure communications technology, then you know you need this device.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this amazing technical achievement. Check out the Xenguard Phone today! If you care about information security, you'll never want to carry anything else. You can get your hands on the ultimate secure smart phone -- and you don't even need to line up to get one.

We have a limited number of block 1 devices available for sale in North America to qualified users. Block 2, with a 50% decrease in device dimensions and featuring a gold-finish aluminum enclosure, is expected to ship in Q3 2017. Contact Xenguard to get your SecurePhone now!

This is a highly specialized device for intelligence and security professionals. It is not a consumer device.

  • form factor : mobile phone
  • architecture : Snapdragon series System-on-Chip
  • battery : 10,000 mA/H
  • application : personal mobility, network diagnostics
  • user interface : on-screen-application
  • storage : 256 Gb
  • charging method : 2-amp USB cable
  • run-time : minimum 4 hours at full load
  • radios : 4 2-Ghz, 3G, LTE, GPS

XG-SPI-1-T SPIpod® hand-held

The Xenguard XG-SPI-1 SPIPhone® mobile sensors are robust mobile processors suitable for field data collection applications. These nodes can be customized for your specific requirements - contact us for details. They are ideal for use in vehicles, as stationary CPE access points (public portals or private wireless networks) or for specialized data-harvesting applications.

It doesn't look like much -- and that's the idea. It's minimal design fits perfectly in a pocket or purse and has no buttons or display of any kind.

Out of the box, all you need to do is charge it via the included USB cable. Manage all your devices via the Xenguard management application -- any way you want.

  • form factor : hand held
  • architecture : Atheros 9000 series System-on-Chip
  • battery : 3,000 mA/H
  • application : personal mobility, network diagnostics
  • user interface : none
  • storage : 64 Gb
  • charging method : 1-amp USB cable
  • run-time : minimum 8 hours at full load
  • radios : 1 2-Ghz

The XG-SPI-1-T variant is housed in an attractive, comfortable hand-held enclosure. It feels great in the hand and fits in a purse or jacket pocket. This model is perfect for network security engineers on the go. Plug in your favorite earphones and get real-time, hands-free audio alerts when events of interest occur for example, if a visitor is a returning customer or someone your company might want to keep an eye on. With one of these units in your pocket youll be fully aware of your network environment.

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