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Xenguard® XG-AP wireless access point

Xenguard's XG-AP wireless access points are simple, economical, no-nonsense wireless gateways suitable for wireless service providers.

These units are available in aluminum enclosures in a "brick" form-factor and external antenna (XG-AP-E), or plastic enclosure with internal antenna (XG-AP-I).

Top-quality components including gold-plated connectors are used. All firmware is built by Xenguard.

We developed these units for clients who need large numbers of cheap, reliable APs for large wireless networks. Sure, you can find similar access points at your local Best Buy -- but the problem with those is that due to the proprietary firmware used, the devices have a limited service life and no firmware customization -- plus there's a risk of the firmware becoming obsolete, or the hardware specifications changing without notice. For example, users of the popular OpenMesh OM2P routers were suddenly left with unusable devices when Datto purchased their company, then killed the product line (OM2Ps are compatible with Xenguard firmware, so you can just re-flash your devices to escape Datto's paid services). These units cost about 1/10th as much as similar products from Cisco or Aruba, yet these devices offer more flexible capabilities and guaranteed availability.

Xenguard's XG-AP hardware is designed to overcome these types of technical and logistics problems. The XG-AP is a drop-in replacement for any 2.4-ghz router. It has an abundance of RAM and flash -- something that really comes in handy when deploying high-performance wireless network applications. Other similar devices on the market generally don't have sufficient resources to handle advanced requirements like captive portals, RADIUS authentication, location analytics, VPNs or mesh networking.

These Qualcomm Atheros QCA9531 powered devices contain Xenguard's advanced firmware, to support demanding applications like wireless intrusion protection, captive portals or mesh networking.

These devices are optionally PoE-powered and offer dual gigabit ethernet uplinks, with a single 2.4-ghz radio.

The unit is based on the Atheros AP121 reference design, which remains one of the most prevalent wireless service platforms on the market (the same architecture as OpenMesh OM2P units, as well as many other consumer routers). This is a mature platform -- the AP121 has been the world's most popular wireless router architecture for at least a decade now.

These devices are PoE-powered and offer dual gigabit ethernet uplinks with 5-dBi RP-SMA antenna.

(For devices with multiple radios or mobile operation support, see our XG-SPI series.)

XG-AP-I with internal antenna

XG-AP-E with external antenna

  • chipset : QCA9531
  • CPU speed : 680MHz
  • frequency : 2.4GHz ISM Band
  • flash : 128 MB
  • RAM : 128 MB
  • price : $99.99 (XG-AP-I) / $149.99 (XG-AP-E)
  • lead time : 30 days
  • minimum order quantity : 10
  • power : 5V DC
  • antenna : optional 5 dBi external antenna (XG-AP-E model)
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