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Xenguard® hardware

Xenguard offers hardware that gets the job done right. We stock top-quality off-the-shelf components for our customers, and design custom devices to meet your most challenging requirements. Xenguard's cost of ownership is within your reach. You'll get more advanced features for a fraction of the price of the big-name vendors.

Xenguard's commitment is to offer best-in-market hardware options, so we use components that are best suited to meet our customers needs. However, our software is highly portable and we can readily support new platforms and technologies as they become available. Use your own hardware or try ours; its up to you.

Xenguard SPItag® & SPItool® (XG-SPI-TAG)

tiny tracking tags

Xenguard SPIpod® & SPIphone® (XG-SPI-PHONE)

you won't believe what this phone can do

Xenguard SPIbox® (XG-SPI-BOX)

mesh-capable, multi-radio access point

Xenguard® Rack-Mount Servers and Storage (XG-RMS series)

for serious infrastructures
Xenguard management system
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