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about Xenguard

Xenguard is a global company which develops intrusion protection technology. We deliver security consulting and disaster recovery services to clients in need of serious protection for enterprise systems. We ensure your security investments yield provable bottom-line results. Xenguard backs up our IPS technology with no-nonsense security consulting and disaster recovery services. Xenguard's security professionals use proven methods to assess current systems, policies and capabilities. The other guys don't even come close, and we'll prove it with a free security probe.

The Xenguard Intrusion Protection System (IPS) is an advanced, event-driven network security management system Which delivers cost-effective securification of network assets against existing and emergent threats. The Xenguard Intrusion Protection System is the first product on the market offering protection for both physical and information assets the foundation of an effective integrated security infrastructure. Beyond mere detection, the Xenguard IPS is capable of intelligent response to intrusion attempts -- following evasive attackers across the network and adjusting dynamically system configuration to eliminate points of vulnerability. A wide array of plug-in modules are available, fully customizing the Xenguard Intrusion Protection System to meet specific user requirements.

Information security refers to the controls that protect information from unauthorized access, destruction, modification, disclosure, and delay. Information security addresses safeguards in the processes of data origination, input, processing, and output. The goal of information security is to safeguard the system's assets, to protect and ensure the accuracy and integrity of information, and to minimize the damage that does occur if the information is modified or destroyed. Information security requires accountability for all events that create, modify, provide access to, or disseminate information.

Many organizations recognize the benefits of using formal guidelines and methodologies from neutral third parties in establishing their security policies. Some groups have never developed policies; others have been unable to devote enough time to maintaining those policies. Sometimes the information technology staff lack expertise in information security; other times upper management have refused to support the measures known by the staff to be important for protecting corporate information assets. In all these cases, external organizations such as consultants, professional associations and certifying authorities can serve a useful purpose to alter the corporate culture and make the best use of security expertise. A Xenguard security assessment can help those who are responsible for the decisions. This widely recommended procedure, which is used to evaluate the many threats an information system faces, is a well-planned action to forsee the consequences of a failure in security. Xenguard keeps clients apprised of potential risks and suggest proactive security strategies. Xenguard provides security training at all levels, from highly technical programs for professionals in the field, to overviews for executives and managers, to general awareness for employees across a corporation or organization. If a company prefers implementing its own systems and networks, Xenguard provides security engineering support and technical assistance to augment the design team in the specialized areas of information security. Among other things, risk analysis considers the value of the assets to be protected, including the costs of disruption, the nature and probability of potential threats, and the cost of proposed safeguards.

Xenguard's exceptional reporting capabilities provide insight into the true state of your network. Unlike "black box" solutions which may block attacks but provide no active status reporting, Xenguard gives you the information you need to know to stay secure; get comprehensive reporting of who is visiting what web sites on your network; status reports can be delivered via e-mail, web access or even telephone -- on any schedule and in any detail level you require. Deliver the intelligence required to those who need it -- when it's needed; integrate your Xenguard security assets throughout your organization's nervous system using SQL database connectivity; customize report content with your organization's theme and layout preferences; verify the integrity of the network with one click. Efficiently conduct installations and provisioning with the hard data you need to make critical choices. Compile historical statistics to guide future security decisions. Easily determine the impact of configuration changes or security incidents. Determine your network's level of standards compliance without expensive third-party auditing. Visualize trends and spot hidden anomalies with easy-to-use graphical charts.

who uses Xenguard?

Xenguard products are designed to meet the needs of our users. Our customers range in size from individuals and small businesses to government agencies. Were constantly discovering new applications for our technology. Xenguard solutions are about more than just security; we can help your business achieve greater success by giving you the critical business intelligence you need to make key decisions. If your business involves information, Xenguard is your solution of choice for securing and leveraging that information.

security and surveillance

Everyone who has a network needs effective network security. Xenguard solutions are a cost-effective option to put you in control of your infrastructure.

corporate networks and data centers

Xenguard solutions are ideal for telecommunications carriers. We can enforce most any security standard you wish to implement. Detect and block infected devices in real-time, to stop the spread of malware and the disclosure of sensitive information. Mitigate Denial-of-Service attacks and corporate espionage. Get detailed deep data on user behaviors and ensure compliance with corporate policies.

network device manufacturers

Xenguards solutions are excellent for performance and compliance testing of network-enabled products. Xenguard can provide insights into how and why your IoT subsystems fail.

marketing agencies

Marketing agencies use Xenguard technology to collect and analyze information about customer behaviors. Going beyond the web, Xenguard sees behaviors that conventional marketing systems simply cant track.

Just take one look at a Xenguard Map of your environment and youll see exactly what we mean. With a Xenguard Map, you can see what is happening in the environment around you. Where people are coming from, where they are going, and what they are doing on your network. There has never been a more cost-effective and accurate way to get key demographic information from both physical and spaces. Its like every person walking past your business is handing you a business card.

The metrics generated by Xenguard products transform data into bottom line revenue. Offered to retailers, brands and commercial property owners, we provide continuous tools to measure how your brick-and-mortar locations are performing and how your actions are influencing shopper behaviour.

We place small sensors in relevant locations within your environment to enable the collection of real-time anonymous movement information. We then begin to provide you with relevant, sales related metrics and analytics about the movement of shoppers in your location.

We want to help you find answers to the most elusive questions you have about your environment.How long do consumers spend in my environment? How often do consumers visit my environment? What time of day do I have the greatest potential? Where do consumers go when they are in my environment? How do consumers reach their destinations inside my environment?

Discover how much potential you are missing out on from visitors turning away from your door. You could be selling more. Improve your customer service, staff volumes, shopper engagement and take advantage of those missed opportunities.

Dwell time tells you how long consumers spend in your environment. By understanding dwell times, you are able to see how you can influence your vital revenue source consumers.

Traffic flow information tells you what time of day you have the greatest potential to do business. By understanding your flow potential you are able to capitalize on missed sales opportunities.

Gross Shopping Hours (GSH) is a dwell-time related, proven retail performance indicator with a direct sales relationship. A metric tested and verified by retailers. By understanding and developing your GSH you directly influence your bottom line.

Routes tell you where consumers come from, where do they go and how they move between zones within your environment. Increase profitability by re-directing consumer flow towards areas that matter to you.

Loyalty is key. Our loyalty measurements tell you how frequently shoppers visit. Every visit equals spend. Increasing visiting frequency increases revenues. Understanding current loyalty and working towards improving loyalty are the first steps toward business growth.

Hot or not? Usage of Areas tells you how different zones are being used within your environment. Discovering where consumers move enables you to maximize the efficiency of your space for profit.

Know what your pull is. Gain knowledge about how many visitors are you able to pull in from the potential passing your location. Measure how your own marketing initiatives can increase your pull. Impact your pull with store-level actions and increase profits.

Xenguard systems can be integrated with your existing marketing campaigns, triggering events (such as e-mails, text messages or phone calls) based on the conditions you specify.

personal use

Aside from all the serious functionality Xenguard provides, our technology is a lot of fun, too! Everyone can benefit from knowing what electronic devices are in the environment, where they came from, and what theyre doing. You dont even need any special hardware.
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