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Xenguard® XG-SPI-PHONE

Xenguard : when no one else can help!

Xenguard specializes in advanced digital surveillance systems.

Our technology gives users access to "deep data" never before available to private industry.

With Xenguard products and services, you can improve your business by discovering valuable ways to leverage the data that's already on your network. Our code is so compact and efficient, it runs on just about any platform in the world. Our systems are so easy-to-use, anyone can use them. And you'll save thousands compared to expensive vendors like Cisco or Aruba.

Our competitors say they can secure your network by installing an app. We say true visibility and security doesn't come from apps or beacons. Our technology can track any device, all the time, with remarkable accuracy and performance.

Contact Xenguard today to discover how we can help you overcome your network security challenges.

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